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The Gathering Place
172 Military Road, St. John's NL. A1C 5P5
Tel. (709) 753-3234
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The Gathering Place
The Gathering Place is a service centre committed to building community, promoting
equality and providing nourishment, primarily welcoming those, male and female,
aged 25 and older, who are homeless or live in less than desirable housing conditions.

A key focus of The Gathering Place is to foster among guests independence,
self-respect, dignity and personal growth. Through a network of community partnerships,
professional services in health care, housing and social work are also provided.


Guests are those who are often unemployed and lacking adequate social and financial supports
at this time in their lives. They are consequently in need of special services because of an
ever widening variety of circumstances and personal issues on a multitude of levels.


The Gathering Place, originally established in 1994 by the Sisters of Mercy
and the Presentation Sisters in response to the needs of those seeking food,
is now a registered charity and is managed by a Board of Directors.

Currently it receives ever expanding support within the community
to help address the multiple needs of individual Guests on a wide range of levels.
The programs and services are offered through a volunteer-driven
co-operative venture involving more than 200 people
committed to ensuring that programs and services
are available on a consistent basis.

You are invited to visit their web site and Facebook page for more details
regarding programs and operation and how you or groups you belong to
may become involved in offering ongoing support
in any of a wide variety of ways.

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