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The Lantern
35 Barnes Road, St. John's, NL A1C 3X1
Tel. (709) 753-8760     Website: thelantern.ca
     Email: Information@thelantern.ca

*** Wheelchair accessible ramp leading to the north entrance

Nano Nagle, foundress
of the Presentation Sisters

Mission Statement
We curate meeting and event space where people can come and do the things
that will help make our community a stronger and more vibrant place.
We advocate for programs that contribute to our vision of community;
those that seek to improve personal and corporate wellness,
develop individual and collective spirituality,
and pursue justice for the underprivileged and marginalized.

Our Values

Our Heritage
In all that we do at The Lantern we seek to uphold the principles of
community, charity, service, and social and ecological justice
that we inherited from the Presentation Sisters, dating back to Nano Nagle.
That legacy endures in our very name, and we hope that
just like Nano's lantern so many years ago
our Lantern will be a shining light for the community.

Each year, the Lantern hosts dozens of organizations and programs which bring
thousands of participants into the facility. Those range from small groups
focused on personal, spiritual and physical wellness,
to summer camps for children and youth,
to large non-profit conventions and fundraisers, and much in between!

We also host the Ruah Centre, a year-round tenant offering
subsidized personal and relationship counseling.
Furthermore, the Lantern provides continuous free access to peer support groups
and socially active non-profit organizations whose missions align with our own.

Meet our Staff!

Chris Lewis, Director    Chris Lewis, Director  
                     Chris Lewis, Director                                               Patricia Kelly, Finance/Operations Manager

Sister Mabel Whelan, PBVM, Receptionist     Tony Walsh, Custodian
Sister Mabel Whelan, PBVM, Receptionist                                   Tony Walsh, Custodian                 

Additional Offerings: Nagle Resource Centre
*** Come and borrow or sit and read...
*** Space rental for small and large groups ...

Library    Library2

*** The latest news on The Lantern and other ministries is posted on our Happenings Page .

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