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Miriam K. Martin, PBVM

 Over the years Miriam has given vibrant expression to her life experiences through music as a singer and songwriter. Her songs celebrate her heritage, her family, her friends, her love of God, and her experiences as a woman. 

MiriamIn addition to being a singer and songwriter, Miriam  is a member of the Sisters of the Presentation of
Newfoundland and Labrador. She is currently an associate professor of Practical Theology at Saint Paul University in Ottawa. Her academic focus has been on women and their role in theology and in religious education. Miriam is proud of her East Coast upbringing in Nova Scotia and of her Celtic roots. 

Of Miriam’s three recording albums, the last two are accompanied by music/reflection books which contain the actual music scores. The three albums include:

  • Moments in Between
  • Follow the Flame
  • A New Dreaming

On the occasion of our 2007 International Presentation Association Assembly in India, Miriam recorded a fourth DVD with three songs. The album title is: Listen

More details on each of these four recordings can be found below.



Moments in Between  (1983) Some LPs and CDs currently available

Moments in Between Our Christianity calls us to celebrate our lives. We celebrate our joys and our sorrows. As a community of Presentation Sisters, we try to live ever deeper the paschal mystery, the dying and rising, as we journey with our brothers and sisters in Christ. This is the context for this music we now offer you. We hope it will touch your experience and that you will celebrate with us all those  “Moments in Between”.

Music is a gift of long standing in our community and this record reflects our community gift. Many heats and hands have shared in the completion of these selections.

Sound Clips:    Take Down Your Lantern    Woman of Earth    Moments in Between
                           Remain in My Love

   Song Titles:
  • Sing
  • Be My Gift
  • Take Down Your Lantern
  • Freedom Song
  • I Heard the Lord
  • Woman of Earth
  • Moments in Between
  • Welcome
  • Remain in My Love
  • The Greatest Gift
  • Abbie’s Song
  • Alleluia

Follow the Flame (1998)
CDs, Cassettes and Books currently available

Follow the FlameThe music in this collection was inspired by a variety of people, events and celebrations over the previous several years. No doubt the music reflects my background and experience as an east coast Canadian where the gift of music and song is both a familial and cultural reality.

As well, my religious community of Presentation had a long and rich history of fine musicians, teachers and artists. Our communal life shaped much of the spirituality of these selections. The themes of Jubilee echo through the songs: reconciliation, homecoming, forgiveness, liberation and joy. Many pieces are suitable for use in such festive occasions.

I hope you enjoy the music and that the songs will help you to sing and to celebrate the great love of God that we share in the freeing spirit of Jubilee.

Sound Clips:    Fire of Love    Follow the Flame    My Plans for You    Light for the Journey

   Song Titles:
  • Fire of Love
  • Blessed Be (Psalm 144)
  • Follow the Flame
  • Enduring Love
  • Weaving Song
  • Our Children
  • Break Free
  • My Plans For You
  • Anointed Are We
  • Go and Tell My People
  • Christa Communion
  • Celebrate
  • Light For the Journey
  • Jubilate Jubilate

a New Dreaming  (2007) – CDs and Books currently available


The music is a collection of dreaming, mine, the community’s, and those who have helped to call out the poetry and melodies from the great Source of creativity. Our desire is that those who would use this music will also touch the hope that fires our lives, feel the lilt in our  steps as we journey together for a world where peace,  justice and the integrity of all creation are celebrated.   If one pathway is opened for one person to draw nearer to God’s great dream for our Planet, then a small part of our small dreams will have been accomplished.


Click here to download the complete song, A New Dreaming.   Click here for the lyrics.

Sound Clips:    Fire to the Rock      Freedom     Steadfast Love     God Beyond All Cultures


  • Click Here for Steadfast Love on the “New Dreaming” album

   Song Titles:

  • Speak the Story
  • Fire to the Rock
  • Moments in Between
  • A New Dreaming
  • Freedom
  • Steadfast Love
  • God Beyond All Cultures
  • Joy Filled Day
  • Song of the Eucharist
  • Woman of Earth
  • We Walk One
  • The Universe Story

ListenListen (2007) – Only CDs currently available

The recordings on Listen were born of the 2007 International Presentation Association Assembly in India and flowed from the experience of those gathered at The Assembly.
The theme for the Assembly …

Listen ...
      The cry of the earth …
                The cry of the poor …
Grounded in our charism, we stretch beyond the familiar,
             channeling our resources for the sake of our common mission.

Sound Clips:    In Harmony    Listen    

   Song Titles:

  • In Harmony
  • Listen  (short version)
  • Listen  (longer version)



Corona Wyse, PBVM

Sister Corona Wyse was born in 1917 in Placentia, Newfoundland, Canada. Having been educated by the Presentation Sisters through elementary and high school, in 1934 she heard the call to join the Sisters and serve God in the teaching profession.
Sister Corona’s ministries over the years have included teaching, Novitiate Formation with young women entering the Community, Religious Education within our school system, involving both teachers and students, and Spiritual Renewal for adults.

Her wide variety of ministry experiences and her equally varied profession development opportunities took her all around the province of NL as well as to the USA and to Dominica in the West Indies.  

Now as she approaches 100 years of age, Corona resides at Presentation Convent, Cathedral Square, in St. John’s where she says she enjoys helping our Sisters, still has her passion for reading, correspondence, outings, listening to music and a good game of cards!

Not Words, But Deeds: Nano Nagle's Daring Venture and the Founding of the Presentation Sisters By Corona Wyse, PBVMNot Words, But Deeds, by Sister Corona Wyse, PBVM, is a tribute to the life of Nano Nagle, Foundress of the Presentation Sisters in Ireland, and a brief history of the Presentation Sisters before and after their arrival in Newfoundland in 1833.

Book Description
Through the chaos and despair of Ireland's eighteenth century there came a woman of extraordinary strength, courage, and character. Honora "Nano" Nagle witnessed the horrid conditions of her home country and made it her personal mission to improve the lives of the Irish people. She pioneered a courageous ministry directed to teach and tend to Ireland's impoverished citizens, and in 1775 she founded the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the years following her death, the Congregation has carried her love and generosity around the globe.

Paperback, 155 pages, b&w photos and illustrations



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