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a New Dreaming
a recording by Miriam K. Martin, PBVM


The music is an expression of Miriam’s experience and her desire to spread a message that promotes peace, justice and the integrity of all creation. Miriam describes the album as “a collection of dreaming, mine, the community's and those who have helped to call out the poetry and melodies from the great Source of creativity. My wish is that the listener will touch the hope that fires our lives, feel the lilt in our steps as we journey together for a world where peace, justice and the integrity of all are celebrated.”



Miriam Martin, pbvmA New Dreaming is an album that defies being placed in one genre. Inspired by Miriam’s Celtic ancestry and her life’s greatest influences, this an album that defies categorization. The songs celebrate her heritage, her family, her friends, her love of God, and her experiences as a woman. Songs including God Beyond All Cultures, Woman of Earth, and Freedom touch on a variety of themes that are relevant to many listeners. From accordion and tin whistle to violin, the album samples musical influences as diverse as the themes Miriam covers in each song that she writes. The album was recorded with Anne Devine and Clyde Wiseman at Conception Recording Studios in Conception Bay. The musicians on the album, many who will be performing at the launch, are from Newfoundland and Labrador. Miriam is proud of her East Coast upbringing in Nova Scotia and of her Celtic roots.


In addition to being a singer and songwriter, Miriam is a member of the Sisters of the Presentation of Newfoundland and Labrador. She is an associate professor of Practical Theology at Saint Paul University in Ottawa. Her academic focus has been on women and their role in theology and religious education. She has lectured across Canada and internationally. Miriam is proud to be launching her third album of spiritual music in St. John’s. Having recorded albums in other cities and having traveled throughout the world, Miriam is proud to say that St. John’s is like home.


Miriam K. Martin and the Presentation Sisters are proud to celebrate A New Dreaming - a recording of contemporary spiritual music.  In St. John's, this CD is available at Fred's Music Store at 198 Duckworth Street, and at the Presentation Sisters Convent on Military Road. To order CDs for sale at 20.00@, please email fmolloy@nf.aibn.com, phone (709) 753-8340 or complete and mail in this order form.


Click here to download the complete song, A New Dreaming.   Click here for the lyrics.


Sound Clips:    Fire to the Rock      Freedom     Steadfast Love     God Beyond All Cultures